Can you hear me now?

Update*I found the Sphinx4 project which looks like something I can start with… If anyone knows where to find the API Javadocs or any other documetation for Apple’s Speech engine drop me a line. I’d love to do a comparison. For one I know the voices sound better than FreeTTS.

I’ve been ’round the web looking for a couple of miracles. One of said miracles would come in the flavor of either a Linux-compatible or platform agnostic (Java) full featured VR/TTS system. (For those of you that ain’t down with the fancy acronyms VR = Voice Recognition, TTS = Text To Speech.) Do you know of such a beast? I’ve found several half solutions many arepricey or geared towards Windows. There’s FreeTTS which covers the TTS side ok but requires you incorporate a third party speech database if you want your app to sound like anything less robotic. There are actually two alternative sources for better sounding speech collections, one of which is secured by a non-commercial use license rendering it useless for me. Meanwhile the other option is somewhat complicated so I prefer not to waste my time.

The other miracle would resemble a working end to end solution for signing a J2ME MIDlet. You see, I have this Verisign certificate and I went through the trouble (and I do mean trouble… signing an app is a black art not meant for the faint of heart…) of importing the certificate into my keystore. I believe that’s step 45 of a 5,893 step process that always feels like you’re almost finished. Now when I use either Ant’s signjar, Antenna’s wtksign, or both I can never get the thing to download over the air (also known as installing OTA). It’s almost like I’m missing something but I don’t know what. I can get the jarsigner command line tool to verify the app has been signed (only after invoking the signjar task). I can also get the signatures added to the jar (only after using wtksign which doesn’t seem to sign the jar). But then I must manually update the size attirbute in the jad file after everything has been signed. Where am I going wrong? Have any of you ever managed to get a signature over your application? If so which species of chicken did you use to work your voodoo? Was there a shrunken head involved? Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. My head is too big for the spell to be cast properly. If you don’t know, lemme know… y’know?

5 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. hi, i’ve got simmilar experiences with signing midlet by ant and antenna.
    When i’m using wtksign task, ant script is suspending.

  2. Hmm… I’ve never had Ant suspend before. Maybe try updating Antenna to 1.0? Also try running the JadTool jar from the command line and see what that does. That’s basically what wtksign does anyway. Their reallly should be a manual or some better documentation for signing.

  3. Are you sure that the Jar file should be updated, as far i have read only two properties should be sat in the .jad file.. where did you read that also jar file should be updated?

  4. No, I don’t believe that the jar should be updated with the cert. I used to believe that. In fact, I believed it sooo much that I modified the Antenna source code to keep the jar size attribute in synch with the signed jar. After a while it dawned on me that the code in Antenna was written a certain way for a reason. I also noticed that using WTK to sign exhibited the same behavior. Still, signing only the Jad file textbook style with wtksign will not work when I download OTA on a Sprint Blackberry 8830. I may be missing the root cert on my phone but I’m waaay to far removed and waaaay to overallocated on other stuff to figure out how to get a root cert from Verisign installed on my phone. Especially since we now have RIM certs that work just fine.

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