Linking Logs

I’ve never jumped on the Rory bandwagon before but I do admit that I dig his writing. (Most of it anywayz, except for when he’s rambling about killing himself b/c we don’t like seeing depressed people right?) Anyhow he’s doing this linked thing and now I’m all like wassup wid dat? Call my the Mad Blogger because I got John Blaze stuff… I mean my blog is more John Blaze than than! I’ma tell you why I’m mad son… Y’all just ain’t recognizing! I mean, yeah, he’s got his little smartestmanintheworld thing going. I’m all like, “that’s cool” and all. But I’ve been blogging about hard core tech stuff. I-I’m making headline… I ain’t made no money yet! I ain’t got no in-bound links. I got all dat good stuff like how to unit test ya’ style sheets. People’s just ain’t up on that stuff on the real. But peep this, right? I’m gonna drop this linking log thing cuz I know my stuff is hot. We’ll just see how many hit I get on the in-bound… after I drop some more hot stuff like sigining MIDlets from your Mac and roping MPowerplayer into IntelliJ-Idea and Maven. Check it out y’all…

(All of you that ain’t up on it, the above is just a parody of the Mad Rapper and a shameless attempt at inbound links, with the, “tell’em why you mad son” and all. I think it’s funny but your mileage may vary.)

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