Sites I’m keeping an eye on

I posted a while back about the listings in my blogroll. I stand by them however there are a couple in there that I have not yet read much of. Shortly after posting about my blogroll I started throwing a couple of sites on it that looked interesting. It’s nothing personal if your site is there and I haven’t read much of it. It’s just that my eyes only move left to right so fast and there are only so many hours in a day. While I do read the many of the links listed there I plan on becoming familiar with all of them. With that I’d like to list a couple of other interesting sites that have caught my eye. Rory links specifically which makes them more intriguing. There’s this Astrid place with a pocket-sized cinnamontog… cimanym…tog… synonymtograf… aww bust it! It’s this gal that does filmy type stuff. I love video and graphic stuff so I might be checking it out. Then there’s Massif. I’ve seen his comments repeatedly on but I didn’t make the connection to the creation story until recently. Somehow he ended up as a god in the story so there must be something up there. Finally there’s this Yuvi cat that Rory mentioned at least once or twice so I got to peep his stuff. there were plenty others on the Neopoleon linked in list but these are the few that caught my eye. If you got John Blaze stuff but I ain’t recognizin’ let me know. Like I said I can’t list and read everything but I will list the things that I pay attention. Also, if you’re into the tech programming stuff like I am then it’s well worth your while to check out Juxie. I listed this spot a while back and recently I’ve been catching up with it. Lots of good things there. And always keep an eye on my main peeps Meryln and Tiago. as well as the others listed on my roll.

3 thoughts on “Sites I’m keeping an eye on

  1. I gave Rory business cards… He made me a god.

    This seems like a slightly off-kilter transaction, but I’m not complaining. I’m surprised he didn’t make me god of PR, as that would kinda make sense I suppose… But this is better.

    Also I created Serge, so I guess I came ready-made with an assistant. (Which is good, because my main “blog” is rubbish.)

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