What a coincidence

Yesterday I posted a quick and dirty tip about using Groovy to talk Java between two boxes. I rushed and put it up haphazard for two reasons. Number one, I got an incoming link from Neopoleon and wanted put post something that was more indicative of the type of stuff I usually rap about. (I was sorta preparing for the flood of hits one would expect when an otherwise crappy site gets mentioned on a more respectable site that people actually visit.) Secondly I’m trying to re-familiarize with the language because I wanna make a case for others at my company to start using it. I had no other intentions… just wanted to brush up on Groovy and keep more of the usual techy stuff towards the top of my home page. The topic was literally picked at random. I perused through the Groovy docs for examples (my example was a literal rip of an existing example from the tutorial) and grabbed the first thing that caught my eye. Then I made up a pretend problem that the code was meant to solve. I wasn’t even happy with it. I still feel like it was a kinda crummy post overall, rushed and nowhere near my normal level of stoopid writing. As luck would have it (and luck typically does have it, and me, and you by the strands of our nads dangling at its mercy) my buddy comes over asking me a tech question mere hours after I posted. The question sounded almost exactly like the problem I made up in my post. Here’s our conversation (apologies in advance for incriminating my buddy by posting his personal dilemma):

Him: I need a quick and easy way to talk from a Java client to a server so I can prototype some Lucene crap.
Me: Lemme get this straight, you want to pass some info over a network? Then have a server respond with something after it’s handled the data?
Him: Yeah, I was thinking of using Jetty for the server but it’s not quick and easy enough.
Me: Have you been reading my site? I just… believe me… just got finished posting your exact question and answer on my blog… Gimme two seconds and I’ll give you a handful of Groovy that will do just what you said.

Now as unbelievable as that may sound it happened just like that. It was one of those weird situations where you can’t believe such a random action could produce immediate productive results for another person. Actually I understand completely what was happening. There’s a reason for everything that happens, even those things that happen at random are linked indirectly through a chain of seemingly unrelated events, each event carefully orchestrated to produce amazing results. It’s kinda like those old commercials, (were they Coke commercials?) where the guy starts by smiling at some lady who… because she’s in a good mood from the smile… picks up a dropped grocery item from an old lady which causes the old lady to pause and say thank you just long enough to miss the car careening around the corner at 55mph carrying a driver who sees the event and is inspired later on in the day to pick up a fallen child that tripped on an avocado from a fruit stand in the middle of the street (and why sell avocados in the middle of the city when you know they’re going to go rolling through the streets causing unaware people to trip resulting in lawsuits for the true merchandiser that owns the storefront that you’re selling in front of) with the random act of kindness from said stranger inspiring the child to save another child from a bully at the basketball court with the final result coming back to the original guy finding a 25lbs gold bar under his pillow from the tooth fairy. Have you seen any of those commercials? They’re great! Well I think I’ve gotten completely off topic as I’ve forgotten what I’ve been writing about so I’m calling it quits for now. Hit me up people…

This post was brought to you in part by…
Massif– the angry god who must now ride a battle chicken to war against the menacing sandwich
Juxie– if you don’t know, now you know… where to go
Rory– the man in a desperate struggle to regain power from two pieces of bread and… what’s between those two slices anyway?
Joel– The first blog I ever read and never stopped reading.
Creating Passionate Users– Where is Kathy? We all miss her.

One thought on “What a coincidence

  1. Fame and fortune will be mine! Oh yes!

    Just as soon as I get this silly generics / inheritance bug sorted out.

    And become famous.

    And fortunate.

    But fame and fortune is definitely on the list.

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