On the real to reel

Lot of talk about video editing lately. Rory’s been giving shots out to me (I have nothing to do with video editing) his homie Clint Rutkas (who may be in the same league as me with video editing) and pointing out another site by Astrid. I’m just starting to read pocketsized and it’s pretty cool. The stuff posted on her home page is off da’ hook. Maybe it’s because I don’t know nothing about filmeotography and cameras and stuff and it’s just as easy to impress me with a Kodak M753 taking mpegs at Hershey Park after hours with poor lighting and calling it a moonlight effect. At any rate the home page looks pretty professional to me. Once again that’s not much of a compliment. (Why do I pretend to give credit while quickly rescinding? It must be that bit of Indian in my family somehow influencing my giving habits and no that doesn’t make sense because it wasn’t the Indians that did the Indian giving analogy I was trying to run with rather the Europeans that quickly took back what they gave to the Indians… I think sometime shortly after the holiday they called Thanksgiving so they could be all like, “thanks for giving me your land you Indian” over a hundred years later and then make jokes with the word “Indian” in it when it should really be like, “You filthy European giver… Gimme that back!” but nobody really thinks about the specifics unless they’re either smoked out, drunk, or bored in the middle of the night after baking cupcakes and looking at tiled mapping code which has nothing to do with the topic up above but I digress…) It’s funny because I’ve been looking to do a little video tinkering of my own as a hush-hush project that I would spring at the party people I work with… Ssshhh… don’t tell noone ’bout this ok?

The point is video editing is a cool thing to do. It lowers your cholesterol and provides much needed anti oxidants. Say no to drugs and yes to video tinkering. For more details on how to edit your baby’s first steps send a self addressed stamped envelope (with signed blank check tucked inside) to:

Emporer Cliff
2404 Killamanjaror Ave.
Slaughtersville, PA 19101

Your (check will be cashed and your) request will be forwarded to a qualified professional. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. All rights (to torture) reserved. Copywright (plagiarism wrong) 2007-2010.

2 thoughts on “On the real to reel

  1. Howdoo,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice-type words you’ve said about me, none of which I had to pay you to say (as far as the public knows, ahem cough cough). So, what exactly are you aiming to tinker, video-wise? Or is it truly hush-hush, no-telling-the-NSA stuff?

  2. Nice things? I thought I was insulting you. I mean, I meant well and all but I don’t know anything about professional film and cinema. My experience has been limited to playing with the transitions in Nero and trying to put audio of Busta Rhymes over top of our family trip to Hershey Park. Right now I was thinking about putting together a little pretend commercial advertising a made-up product. Nothing fancy as the point really is to illustrate the potential of video advertisement on our… hey wait a second! You’re making me give up the secret sauce! I have to be careful what I list here due to company confidentiality and all. In reality it’s a project I’m not authorized to work on, one I have so little time for that it might get squashed. One of those things that I thought, “wow that’d be banging if I could show off what I learned out of this JavaME book.” Anyhowz, thanx for the comment and you can remit payment for my referring links to the above address… (you really should get that cough checked out.)

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