Groovy 1.5? Why ain’t nobody tell me???!!!

So I’m reading my email when I see a message from my buddy Merlyn and he’s all like, “Groove me up…” with a source snippet (that I still haven’t looked at too clearly) which causes me to log onto the Groovy web site for some more refreshers on the syntax and capabilities when it hits me.

Experience the latest Groovy 1.5

When did this happen? (when I was writing J2ME…) Where was I? (stuck on signing a MIDlet…) What happened to 1.2?? 1.3??? 1.4???? Here’s a community that is thriving faster than mildew on a wet bath towel sitting in a tub with a shallow lining of water in the dark on a humid summer day. A new idea, feature, bug fix, enhancement, section of documentation, or other goodie is added with every third tick on your knock-off $20 Rolex. I’ve been telling everyone at my company about the three greatest things to happen to the java community and they don’t hear me. I’ve been spreading the word about Groovy and why a Java developer would be a moron to pick up a book on Ruby. (Unless of course your job or current project depended on it… in which case you probably still have to live with the title “dummy” for allowing such a tragedy to take place.) If you haven’t tried Groovy yet right now is definitely the time to jump in with all three feet (you freak). You have nothing to lose. That project that’s due next Friday? Polish it off with some extra touches in the next 24 hours. That doo-hickey you’ve been meaning to write that monitors your clumsy web app and restarts it while logging an issue to the site admin and pinging your Blackberry? 3 hours and twevle lines of code!

I’m not even scratching the surface of what’s now possible in the latest release. Wow! They brought the classic for loop back! For us Groovy die hards that means next to nothing but when you’re trying to evangelize and convert someone (or someone’s Java code) it pains to stop and say, “oh they don’t do the for that way in Groovy.” They added Java 1.5 syntax to Groovy, Generics, enums, annotations… it’s all there! It’s all gravy baby. (Gravy Groovy pick your slang choose your flavor!) There’s a joint Groovy/Java compiler committed by none other than JetBrains! These guys deserve the Nobel Prize! Why are they wasting accolades on Al Gore? (No beef, to Al G. Just making a point… but I’m sayin’ though…) Swing Console gets a face lift which is good news because I still preferr to use that for quick/dirty ad-hoc scripts and it was starting to hurt. You could probably do an entire project in that thing now. They got an Elvis operator (that’s all good but where’s the Run D.M.C. compiler?? The KRS OneJar format??? The Kool G. WrapMethod????) They get mad props for the M.O.P. enhancements. (Lil’ Fame and Billy Danze get they swerve on!)

Well with all the goodies I have no excuse but to put out an update on GSpec. Somebody fix my mobile app for me while I’m gone…

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