Score one more for JetBrains IntelliJ Idea

I can’t help it! I’m a big baby! I admit it, I’m spoiled by my favorite toy! I pulled up Snapshots in XCode after some refactoring and found that even though it does give you a nice diff to view your changes (AFTER hitting save to save your changes… another extra thing to do not present in Idea) that you cannot edit your file from the diff view. You can copy changes from the clip board, but be damned if you wanna move pieces of the diff over. Sure, there are those of you that’ll say, “real dev’s don’t need IDEs!!!” (By the way I hate when people say that!) These are the same people that go snowboarding without the board, no doubt… because a REAL man can use his bare feet for a snowboard! The same people who’d rather risk the cramming of hundreds of unnecessary variable states in their heads, being off by one thousandth of a decimal precision because, “was that supposed to be .063 or .0635?” then show off to their friends because they were lucky enough to now brag how their meat-based RAM chip just just big enough to carry the extra decimal from 5 call stacks deep and 3 Alt+Tabs ago. Good for those people! They are so much smarter than the rest of us for being able to avoid using the computer for doing mundane tasks.

Then there’s the XCode Subversion support. Maybe it’s just me, but I distinctly remember a point where we developers overcame the need to use the command line for setting up our SCM repositories. Where the heck are svn: properties in XCode???!!! Why come (that’s right I said “why come” all ghetto like) I can’t see changes by user and/or date? Where’s the intelligent merge? Can I get a changelist? Who want’s to do whole project commits? I wanna save a patch sos I can give it to my buddy!

XCode does shine when it comes to things like on device debugging for iPhone, Instruments, and even Interface Builder. Sure there’s JProfiler support in Idea but it’s an additional feature/product. Idea has a nice UI designer but it’s not as slick as Mattisse or XCode’s IB. And I’ll probably never be able to plug my Blackberry up and walk through the code inspecting variables and what not. That’s enough apples and oranges for now. Tune in next week and watch me complain/compare Javadocs to XCode’s help system.

This message was brought to you in part by: My man Frank Wirth at the Harrisburg Aamco. He tows for free and under-prices the competition by $500+! Thanx Frank!

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