Can I borrow your Windows?

Wassup party people? I got a crazy request to whoever is listening. I need a web facing Windows server to host a small servlet app that will receive a small amount of traffic for an off the books project that I just got in trouble for working off the books on. It’s a proof of concept thing to show that my company is way more John Blaze than your company. I mean, we got John Blaze software, y’all just ain’t recognizing!

Long story lengthened, I’m doing some neato fun programming when I’m s’posed to be bug fixing and working to schedule. I got as far as a workable prototype but an open source all Java package that I’m using isn’t quite up to snuff. I wanna use this other more commercial thing that only runs on Windows. I work for a company with tons of money and server-like computers but the problem here is the red tape I have to cut through to get something with Bill Gates’ signature facing outside the flamey-walls so I’m kinda stuck. I have my own hosting but my host doesn’t provide Windows so now I ask you kind reader… can I borrow your Windows?

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