Good ol’ days

Remember the good ol’ days of 8.3 file name formats? Remember when you had to use your fingers to count characters in a variable name? Remember when the PATH environment variable was limited to 255 characters? Remember how much fun we used to have back then? VB4 anyone? Why am I bringing this up? Well I use a state of the art Apple MacBook pro with an Intel Core 2 duo processor (that means I have, like, two computers hog-tied together in the flashy silver casing that presents the “q-w-e-r-t-y keys to my fat fingers”) on which I run both OS X and Windows XP. OS X is an operating system just like Windows XP. An operating system is one of those program thingies that turn on when you hit the big button on the front of your computer. Yeah, state of the art stuff, right? My Macbook is so John Blaze that it can hold a conversation with you. Really! The thing talks and listens. It speaks and understands English! You can say things like “Vicki, What time is it?” and it talks back with, “it’s 10:45pm, way past your bed-time fool!”. (I named my Mac Vicki… don’t ask why just keep visiting my dumb site!) My Macbook is sooo off duh hook I can write programs for 14 different platforms all while checking out Rory, downloading the latest version of Linux, and burning a DVD. I have Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, and Visual Studio all installed and the thing doesn’t even hiccup! Well, it does hiccup if you open a command line prompt and type the text “say hiccup” and then press enter but that’s just how doggone cool this thing is! You can teach it how to hiccup. You can make it sing too.

Well, this state of the art piece of equipment came with an install of Word for OS X. Yes Word… y’know that Microsoft product that lets you type dear diary, create faxes and cuss your girlfriend out because she spent the beer money on a new pair of shoes at Nine West? Yeah, that Word, not the word that the brutha’s be saying on the street. That’s the interesting part. It came preinstalled with Word. I think this is like Mac’s equivalent of Word XP or something but I’m telling you, it’s state of the art stuff. Yes, Word is the topic for today. I’m running Word for a minute (in slang terms when a brotha says a minute he really means a really really long time… it’s like sarcasm or something but you have to hang around the streets long enough for the idea to bleed in.) and I get to the point where I actually want to start saving some of the documents I work on right? I want to save them and intuitively I want to use a really long descriptive name so that when I use QuickSilver (QuickSilver is this program thing that… nevermind… I can’t go on explaining everything in parenthesis it takes away from the story) I can search on any term that reminds me of the task I was working on. So I choose a name like “MapQuest tile logging and authentication proposal document” because that kinda paints a picture of what’s going on in my mind as I type into the Word document. I hit the save button and what do I see? Go ahead and guess. Use the introduction as your guide to the answer.

“Cannot save, Filename exceed 31 characters”

Those weren’t the words exactly but it was something like that. Cutting edge stuff man.