Can’t see nothing but the source code, I’m trippin’

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’ta left you… without some dope code to step to… step to… step to… etc.

You’re probably reading up above and thinking, “WTF???!!! This Clif kid is lost his trolly’s!!!” Or maybe you’re more like, “Clearly this man has flipped his noggin’!!!” Whatever the case, if you from da’ hood then you’d be noddin’ ya’ head like, “Jeah! That’s dat tho’ back from Rakim!” If not go search on the text.

So what’s new with that kid Cliff? I’ve been doing some mobile stuff. I got Maven2 on lock. Heavy on the server side thing. Yeah, it’s tight. And I started playing with screencasts. I bought this app called iShowU. Obviously it’s a Mac app because it starts with an “i”. What is it with Mr. Jobs and the letter “i”? We got iPods, iMacs, iPhones, iLife, and iCouldGiveACrap. With iShowU I can show you some of the wonderfule things I’ve been doing for MapQuest. Speaking of MapQuest, we just launched a new version of the site today. Had some silly issue mid-way through the day but some of those super coders I spoke of earlier (hyperlink to my earlier discussion forthcoming) found a work around and now it’s all gravy (When I say it’s all gravy that means it’s all good. If you’ve never heard of M.C. Hammer, then when I say it’s all good that means everything is “alrighty then!” If you’ve never heard of M.C. Hammer or watched Jim Carrey then go somewhere else and grow some culture cuz “dis is America, Jack!!!”) I’m not gong to apologize (
oh, I’m not typing under parens) for being the type of bro’ that keeps it real. I digress… Where was I? Oh, yeah… Maven2 and server side stuff. Yeah, lately I’ve been feeling pretty confident about the things I’ve been putting on at MapQuest. (check out our beta site) Almost to the point of being downright cocky. My team probably hates me though. I’m sure they think I’m bringing complexity on just for the sake of bringing on complexity. Then I’m thinking like, “c’mon y’all! It’s not that complicated!”

Let me tell you how things are working now. We got this multi-module Maven2 project happening. Alls yuh haff tah do is type a command and the lights, camera and action happens. You can start with just our distributed Maven2 install, a JDK, the JDE and WTK and Maven does the heavy lifting. (JDE and WTK are necessary dependencies of the mobile stuff we do. If you just wanna deal with the server side stuff then you only need M2 and a JDK.) I like this part because starting with a command line, a JDK and Maven2 you can get an entire enterprise project started, developed and launched in minutes. This doggone build system reaches out to the internet, downloads a JEE container of your liking (or in the case of our project a JEE container of my liking), launches the container, compiles your source code, runs any unit tests you’ve defined for it (unless you’re too dense to work with a unit testing framework), packages everything in a nice little “.war” file, installs the war file in the JEE container, runs the container, runs your integration tests, stops the container, formats all of your tests in HTML (or XML, or SVG if you supply an XSL stylesheet for conversion), brushes your teeth, and removes that grimey stuck-on dirt from your dishware. All this from a single command! Why come more people don’t see how powerful this tool is? I just don’t get it. Well after I finish preaching the Gospel of Maven at my company I’m gonna start on Groovy. After Groovy then I start crammin IntelliJ Idea down everyone’s throat. That’s just how I operate.

In the meantime, I gotta figure out that video editing stuff Rory and Astrid seem to be so good at. I got one sorry screencast and I wanna start making more. I wanna start putting my stoopid mug in the screen casts so people all across AOL can seen which goon is speaking to them. I got this Mac thing that’s s’posed to be so good at video and visual stuff. I just don’t have time to experiment with it. I also got some good ideas locked in my skull that would probably make for an interesting visual motion picture-ish sorta thing if I could only pull everything together. If you know any tricks gimme a shout.