I just got finished checking my referrer stats for all time here on WordPress. It’s a neat feature that lets you see where all of your inbound traffic (visitors for the friends/family of mine that don’t quite understand the web) come from. I clearly thought that after being mentioned a couple of times on that this site would rank pretty high. The sad truth is that most of my traffic come from Groovy docs with the blurb about my unfinshed but good idea. (More on that in a minute.) SO now I ask what’s the dilly’o with Rory‘s readers? Didn’t they see my name show up in his homies blurb? I’ve come to the following conclusion. Either I’m not talkin’ bout the stuff they wanna hear or his site’s whack. Using a simple algorithm I’ve determined that Rory‘s site is worse off than my little corner of the net. See:

long rorysVisitors; //Because people tend to hang out here for a while
while(Cliff.getDiscussion().isObviouslyEquals( everybody.wantsToHear() )) {
   rorysVisitors = rorysVisitors + countTrafficFromNeopoleon();
if(rorysVisitors < countTrafficFromOtherPlaces()) {
   assertTrue("Rory must be whack.", countRoryTraffic() < countAllMyTraffic());

After determining this I felt bad, like maybe Rory needs my help. I won’t add much to his site in the way of overall internet traffic but comparing my numbers to his I should be able to at least double his pages hits by adding a few more links. Because I’m a fuzzy warm-hearted kinda fellah, I will volunteer all of my inbound traffic to his hit count. I ask all of my visitors to do me a favor and help my man out. Rory is kinda funny and is talking more about tech stuff nowadays so you might pick up some good tips from him. He just got finished a pretty good writeup on RealBasic. Oh and sometimes he puts up these silly comics that’ll make you laugh about life. So everybody, check him out for a week or so and tell me how much fun you had.

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