No, not here!!!

Over there! I asked you all politely to visit my man Rory. The very next day as I looked for a flatline my stats increase by a whopping 3 visits! (when your spot’s as lightly traveled as mine you’d notice if a squirrel got too close to the building hosting your HTML/CSS.) Now I’ll ask those extra 3 visitors to round up the other 12 people and head over here. This guy needs the traffic way more than I do. Man, I try to do a good deed and look what happens!

My empire for an INSERT KEY!!!

I had almost gotten over my loss of an insert key when I switched to OS X. While Windows/Idea works magic all over with Alt+Insert Ctrl+N seemed to fit the bill on the Mac. Several months went by with my only feeling occasionally bother by no insert key. Somtimes I needed block copy while running Idea over a remote windows session. A quick trip to the edit menu was only mildly painful during these times. Today… today I’m trying to push a Tomcat bundle to a remote Linux server with no UI. I get the bundle over there and decide to disable the Tomcat manager in conf/tomcat-users.xml. I pull up vi because it’s the only Linux text editor I’ve taken any serious time to somewhat learn. (By that I mean I know how to insert characters, quit, and quit while writing changes to disk, nothing more.) Ah… a remote vi session from iTerm on my Mac, how nice! Now lets change the document and… hey!!! WTF???!! How do I get into insert mode???!!!