RSpec Story Framework

I just got finished attending the talk on the RSpec story framework. (FYI – I’m currently attending the Philly Emerging Technologies Conference in umm… Philly… where they talk about uh… emerging technologies.) Let me tell you… whew! These Ruby guys got that RSpec thing on lock. I loved what I saw. The guy wrote a user story live using something like um Textmate saved it as a plain text file (maybe it had a .story extension I couldn’t see too well, but still). Then he ran the danged thing! It was written using not some pseudo DSL’ish sorta thing but in plain English! A true user story in plain text!! Then he linked the thing up with Selenium and tested his Rails application. The doggone runner printed each step of the user story as a web browser tucked neatly behind the output screen executed it as if was possessed by some sort of ghost! I’ve never seen anything like it! I was completely blown away! Prior to the RSpec thing I sat in a talk on OpenLaszlo, another one of those “cool as ice” Java projects that I’ll talk about in a future post. I’ve been sitting on GSpec far too long. I needed a jolt to get me moving on that project again. Groovy 1.5 is out now and there’s simply no excuse. Now if I can only wrap TDD around the development of a BDD framework…

4 thoughts on “RSpec Story Framework

  1. Yeah someone mentioned this tool at the conference… why didn’t anyone clue me in earlier? Where did this thing come from? Who’s the author?

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