The title is in all caps for a reason. I was speaking on the RDC thing the other day and there has been nothing but problems since I upgraded. Today’s drama bites in the form of sporadic caps lock inversion. What happens is from time to time RDC decides to invert the meaning of my caps lock key on the remote machine. On means off and off means on. It’ll happen outta the blue for no rhyme or reason and it totally screws with my head each time. The only way to fix it is to quit and restart the RDC client. In my field I deal with tons of different software and I always upgrade without hesitation as auto update notices pop up.I guess I just feel obligated as if some software police man will eventually pay me a visit and fine me for each outdated package found on my system. Today’s pain comes as a stark lesson as I Cmd+Tab switch from my remote WindowsXP Dell with the inverted caps lock feature to my Mac and type, “DON’T UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE”!!!

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