Mime’s the word! Can’t see response data in JMeter…

Quick update here…

I’m struggling with JMeter because I haven’t used it in about 2-3 years and I’m trying to stress test our servlet middleware. For some dumb reason I get successful responses reported in the view results tree in JMeter but the Response Data tab is grey out completely with all of the radio buttons disabled. I poke my buddy for answers and he’s stumped. I post to the mailing list on Nabble and my question gets hung up in the queue because I’m not officially registered on their list server or whatever. I stumble across the answer myself. My server wasn’t setting mime types on the response object. so any time JMeter sees a web response without a mime type it gets all dumb and doesn’t know what to do. I’m not too happy about this behavior but I suppose it’s there for a reason.

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