Yihal! I got you all in check…

I was just reminded by a new friend there are other things in life besides hip-hop and software development. There’s important stuff like, umm… breakfast… yeah breakfast is important. Gotta have your breakfast. Then there’s other good stuff like… uhh… oh yeah… the Iron Man movie!! Did you see the trailers? Off the ropes!!! Yeah and that’s something that’s not related to computers or Hip-Hop… well unless you count Ghost Face, the other Tony Starks. Well let’s see now. There are lots of other stuff like things that have nothing to do with algorithms or urban beats. Let’s think. Umm… outdoorsy stuff. Yeah that matters. You can do stuff like kayaking and/or mountain climbing. Those are cool activities because you can be all in some wooden vessel fighting waves that did nothing to you in the first place until you decided to flop your big chunk of tree into their path. Or you can be like climbing up some jagged terrain all in the name of accomplishment. You get to the top and feel all swoll in the noggin because it’s not something your average American could or would consciously think to do all in the middle of the day. You stand at the top after risking your life for no financial or practical gain, breath in ice cold air pound your chest with the “I did it!” Balboa sort of sense of pride. Yes kayaking and climbing mountains is definitely something else.

So yeah there’s lots of stuff that gots nothing to do with WindowsXP or OS X. And these other stuffs can make you feel all manly inside like, “I can kill a bear using just my knuckles and my toothbrush!” These other stuffs are teh important stuffs other people do while I tap away across a qwerty pattern figuring out how to call in signals from satellites or cell towers then draw a map resembling the parking lot of the supermarket you happen to be holding your cell phone next to. Much more important stuffs than hip hop too. So while I was off finding verbal patterns which rhymed every other word in ever 3rd bar dropping it like it was slightly less intense than a supernova other people were doing teh other stuffs with the splintery wave pounders and the rope around the waist anchored to a metallic pick thing jammed into the side of a big rock hanging at 9 miles and 90 degrees above normal peoples ground.

I missed out on those other stuffs. Some of them. I mean I did join the army once upon a time. I did drive a tank-shaped vehicle and I did get a chance to play with the missile launcher thing on top of one of those Hummers, G.I. Joe style. There were times when I did teh other-other stuffs like volunteering for specially challenge kids, and some other stuffs I can’t remember. So umm… Yeah I Have A Life… YIHAL!!! I got you all in check! Aight I’m signing off because that post was dumb and waaaay too personal than what I intended. It’s all ’bout the source code right? Speak on it if you know what’s up.

2 thoughts on “Yihal! I got you all in check…

  1. You think this post is too personal? Really? I think this post is another word, and that word is ‘awesome.’ Man, if I could kill a bear with just my knuckles and toothbrush, that would be PHENOMENAL. Nice use of yihal, by the way — and thanks so much for the linking!

  2. Yeah it’s personal. I’m sharing my shortcomings with the world. I feel like my entire upbringing has been exposed. Everything from the way I didn’t play outside as much as other kids to the way I was attacked by that grizzly a few years back, to the my not so accomplished military accomplishments. I was in the Army National Guard for about 8 years and goofed off the entire time.

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