Synergy doesn’t forget

I was playing with Synergy the other day. As a matter of fact I dunno if the post ever made it to my front page. Let me go release it… there! It’ll show right under this one. At any rate, I’ve been using Synergy for the past couple of days and I gotta say it’s nice! I love being able to drag my mouse across three screens as if they were one big display. I’m a little disappointed that I can’t drag windows off my Mac onto my Dell but that’s cool. Today I found something slick with Synergy. See, I’m accustom to trying to prevent computer problems by properly closing certain programs and logging off of remote servers at the end of the day. I know all too well how dumb a piece of software gets when you sever a network connection that it’s expecting to be persistent. The guys (and gals? were their any gals?) that created Synergy must have thought about this. I say that because I forgot to kill my Synergy client running on my Mac yesterday. I forgot to kill the server running on my Dell. I ran out in a hurry to try to find the right lever to pull in the Democratic primaries without even considering what potential drama would await me the following day. Completely ignorant of my prior ignorance, I connected my Mac to the office intranet and went on about my business. I thought, “in a few minutes I’ll restart Synergy on my machines but I gotta finish some other stuff first.” Without even realizing it I had dragged my mouse pointer onto my Mac revealing both my forgetfullness from the other day and a pleasant surprise from a development team who never bragged about such a killer feature. There is something to be said about software that just works the way you’d expect without constant tweaking and intervention.

3 thoughts on “Synergy doesn’t forget

  1. I used Synergy also. Excellent! However, on one setup, perhaps due to network issues, it was just not reliable. Since I was on Windows on two boxes, I used Maxivista. Also a great product. Not like Synergy though. Maxivista allows one pc to expand or duplicate a display onto the displays of other pcs and to also do, like Synergy, software KVM. Thus, I was able to control a server with the laptop keyboard and mouse, but also expand my laptop screen onto the servers’.

    Wicked demo of 7 screen Synergy setup:

    — Josef

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