Walked in, saw my desk was a mess, realized I have two 19″ flat panel monitors so why aren’t they glued together? I knew I had both monitors. I’d planned it that way ever since I sneaked into the cube of a recently departed co-worker. (I said recently departed, not dearly departed!) One had been welded to my Dell from the start of my MapQuest ventures whil the other had been hanging free on my desk serving as a secondary screen for my Macbook. So the question still was why aren’t the two identical looking monitors serving as a combined 40″ horizontal panel? The first reason was that I’d been told the Macpro doesn’t support dual DVI output. That leads into my second reason which is my preference for OS X and *Nix based systems over Windows. While I’m forced by fire to use Windows to satisfy the powers that created the world of mobile development (apparently every mainstream mobile technology must have been born and raised on Windows) I still use my Mac for most of everything. I even use it to remote into my Dell Windows box and do development.

A buddy at work told me about this thing called Synergy a while back. It’s a software package that lets you share a keyboard between systems. As usual I was arrogant and blew off the idea, because I’d already found a friend in RDC and it seemed to remote Windows better than anything else on the Mac. Why do I now need to consider another remoting solution? Yes my idea was waaaay more John Blaze than his or anyone else’s because RDC was way cool. Be gone random idea contributed from co-worker who was clearly below my level of Mac remoting experience! Who cares if you live and breathe OS X and have worn a hat with the Apple logo since your tender years?

This morning the idea had seeped from the back of my neck into the core of my grey matter as I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could continue to use Windows with the dual screen but remote into my Mac instead?” MyDeskActually I was thinking, “I need to use these monitors side by side so I can bring my IDE up in one monitor and my Mac in the other. What other remoting solutions are available?” Whatever the root cause the end story was my completely re-working the way my desk had been set up and installing Synergy. I’d show the before shot but it looked pitiful and the work is already done. So now I give you the after glow of my efforts. Dual screen display only for windows for now. But notice the 3rd Mac screen off to the left. If I drag my cursor far enough left it falls directly onto the Mac screen and I’m instantly controlling it. It’s a different kind of remoting but it’s off the chains when you get used to it.

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