Anacron squeezing the life outta my Mac?

So I download Anacron because I’m sick of manually launching Mac Janitor to run daily, weekly, and monthly stuff right? Ever since then I start having all kinds of crazy issues. I loose settings and preferences left and right. It started with Quicksilver spontaneously quitting and forgetting what it was supposed to look like when it reopened. Then I noticed Parallels started looking elsewhere for my WinXP VM install. (I have it under ~/Library/Parallels which may or may not be the default.) All of the sudden RDC can’t remember the defaults for talking to my Dell. It’s crazy and it all started when I installed Anacron. The bad thing is I don’t know how to uninstall software on a Mac yet. In windows you have add/remove programs, in Mepis/Ubuntu I could always rely on Synaptic, on a Mac you’re supposed to be able to just delete the .app folder but what about software that installs via an installer? Has anyone else had similar issues with Anacron? Is it just me???

2 thoughts on “Anacron squeezing the life outta my Mac?

  1. I found this at

    Uninstalling anacron is fairly straightforward; you can deactivate it by:


    Editing /etc/crontab to remove the last four lines, which should look like this:

    # All of the periodic jobs that were controlled by cron are now controlled
    # by anacron.
    15 * * * * root /usr/local/sbin/anacron -s


    Uncommenting (i.e., remove the ‘#’ characters) the lines listed under “Run daily/weekly/monthly jobs”, again in /etc/crontab. After you’re done, the lines in question should look like this:

    # Run daily/weekly/monthly jobs.
    15 3 * * * root periodic daily
    30 4 * * 6 root periodic weekly
    30 5 1 * * root periodic monthly

    If you want to remove it completely, follow the instructions for deactivating it, then delete the following files:


  2. Ok, I’ve seen that info before but HOW you do it? How, do you edit /etc/crontab to remove the last four lines? How do you delete the files? Nobody writes how to do it! I regret installing anacron…

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