Where I’ve been

I haven’t been checking my personal email and haven’t been on Facebook since the dark ages. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here which I try to do regularly. If you’ve been trying to reach me then I haven’t forgotten you. I’m just trying to focus on one thing at a time. That’s something I’m terrible at but trying. I hate going so long without updates. There’s been a lot happening both in the technology space and in my space and I really need to catch up. Here’s a brief synopsis. I’ve been down to Florida.. The weather was nice and all but that has nothing to do with development, only that it sucked an entire week of development time out of my life. (I actually enjoyed my self a whole lot out there, taking the family to Disney World and going out to the beach but I gotta keep these pages focused on technology so I end Disney discussions here.)

Had some joy and pain with Maven and Artifactory. I found out that running Artifactory out of Jetty is a no-no unless you wana be on call restarting the service every few days.

Jabra 8010Bought a new Bluetooth toy! Jabra 8010 and I’ll be talking about that in another post.

Almost upgraded to Leopard. not quite there yet! I need some major advice with backup and restore not just on OS X but on Windows too. Also can somebody tell me how to install with boot camp and then tie Parallels to that boot camp install?

Almost got Mint Linux running, then almost exploded my machine. Then almost got a replacement machine, then the replacement machine actually arrived… formatted with Windows!

Almost got comfortable with Sphinx4 for voice recognition. I’m playing with that and also trying to get and easily debuggable decoupled midlet dev environment setup so I can play with audio recording on from the midlet.

Lots of almost happenings and a few other new things I wanna share in due time. Keep your browser locked.. I’m not dead yet!

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