Moving to a new Computer

Maybe it’s me and the different way I do things, but you’d think something as simple as moving all of my files and settings from one Windows machine to another would not involve sooo much drama… Especially in this day and age! It could be me. I might be completely at fault. Here’s the deal. I have this Windows XP machine in the office and I’m desparately looking to move to another PC with a clean install of WindowsXP. The plan is to finally be able to run Linux full time. I tried using the files/settings transfer wizard and for some stoopid reason it allowed a network PC to PC transfer on my old PC but didn’t recognize that method of transfer on the new PC. So instead I opted to dump my files and settings from the old box to a shared network folder on the new box. After completing that step I then ran the wizard on the new PC and pointed to the dump. I’m greeted by a message that says the dump was created by an older version of the wizard and is therefore incompatible with the new version of the very same wizard. Mind you, these are both very recent PCs with the older one being much more powerful than the newer one. I gave up after this morning’s error because I had already been sporadically at it off and on for the past couple of weeks.

Just when you think Windows is bad, I had a similar even more frustrating experience with Mac, just prior to upgrading to Leopard. I really wanted to do a full backup before the upgrade because experience has taught me how important backups are. I read the howtos on upgrading to Leopard and one site suggested a package called SuperDuper! I tried SuperDuper! and attempted to run the backup to another Mac via “afp:/” protocol. it worked but I quickly ran out of space on the other Mac before the backup could complete. So I decided to save the backup to my Dell desktop using Samba. everytime the archiving process began it would try to delete the existing archive and then throw an error. I thinnk the error was something like permission denied or file not found or something. There was no ignoring or stepping around the delete step which I found odd because on an initial backup there is no pre-existing archive. In both cases (Windows and Mac) I gave up on transporting all of my data. I did the Leopard upgrade without a backup using the sheer power of my crossed fingers. If anybody knows of a modern way to migrate everything from one WindowsXP box to another without burning a Wizard disc and without a bunch of drama, holla at’cha man…

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