8830 + 8010 = Hitz4Dayz!

I mentioned my new Jabra toy a while back and I’ve been meaning to include a follow up post on it. Ya’ see I’ve had this company issued Blackberry for a minute now. And I bought one of those SD mini cards, the kind that holds about 1GB but is smaller than the tip of your finger. It was the only way I knew (at the time) to put my jamz on my 8830. I’ve been rapping about MOP for a while I figured it’d be a good idea to hear some M.O.P. once and a while… without teaching my little girls bad words. So that’s where the 8010 comes in. I can put this little trinket on my right ear and stream “Downtown Swinga” Blackberry 8830while my left ear is tuned to the kids… making sure they are well behaved. The device does more than that. It pairs with multiple devices so I can use it to record audio over my screencasts on my Mac. I can also stream audio from iTunes (though for some reason Bluetooth audio from the MacBook sounds like it uses voice audio encoding which makes everything sound like it’s played over the phone… something I’m still trying to figure out….) and take a phone call right in the middle of K.R.S. 1’s “The Bridge is Over” without missing a beat. Well I might miss a few bars because iTunes will continue during my phone call but when paired to Blackberry music automatically pauses for phone calls. Speaking of calls I love the vibrate alert on incoming calls. It takes some getting used to and still makes me jump out my skin on occasion but what an un-ignorable way to announce a call! If you’re too jumpy, like I am, you can disable vibra-alert and save face in public places. (Nothing says “I’m need a straight jacket” louder than a guy paying for a gallon of Clorox Bleach and some M&Ms who suddenly decides to pull his head into his torso “Ninja Turtle” style while jamming both shoulders in his head while some indecipherable blue text appears on his right ear.)

I’ve read that the 8010 includes noise reduction but I don’t know because I’m on the noisy end. I believe my calls come through more clear but I’ve yet heard someone take notice. I don’t make many phone calls anyhow and when I do I’m almost always in one of those Sprint spotty coverage areas. I’ve also heard that it has caller id which is one of the dumbest features I could imagine on such a device. Unless you can fold your face down the center and peek at your ear from one eye I don’t understand how caller id can do anything for you. I still don’t know if mine works. Maybe if you had a girl friend or a wife with an ear fetish you’d have a clue who’s buzzing you but then again, what if you decided to cheat on Mrs. I-Love-your-ear?

The thing I like most about the 8010 is how it plays stereo with the optional attached secondary ear piece. You can stream audio in mono with just one piece but everything sounds so much better in stereo. Jabra 8010Even phone calls come through in stereo. You get that in the machine feeling when you favorite song is cranked way up then you get a call which comes through in surround sound. Tap the button to pick up the call, tap again to end the call, then tap mode then the main button again to resume Reggae ’94.

Paired with an 8830 you get the added benefit of voice dialing. I’ve been in a few situations where I need to join a conference call while driving down Route 30 and not wanting or able to pull to the side. One tap then speak, “call meeting place” give me a friendly voice prompt, “Did you say call Meat and Place?” to which I reply, “Hell no!” The follow up prompt, “Did you say call Me-Jing Prace?” eventually connects me to our conference room (the Text To Speech on the 8830 has some minor pronunciation issue that you learn to appreciate over time). That’s all for now, it’s past my bed time and I need to rest up. If you’ve had some fun with Bluetooth drop a line. I’d love to hear ’bout it.

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