Debug mode on Blackberry

Shamelessly I copy something I found in the Blackberry forums. I don’t know what it means but I DO know it’s one of those things that you have to search far and wide for. Some guy wanted to get into some debug mode that I’d never heard of so he posted his question then later his own answer to the forum thread. Read the solution below:

You must:

1. Have a login/password to (updated 5/30/2008)
2. On the BlackBerry pres ALT+CAP+H and leave it on this screen.
3. Once logged in to the link on #1, you will be asked to enter your PIN#, Uptime and Zip code of where your device is.
4. You will then receive a unlock code that is specific to this information (if you exit out of this help screen on the blackberry, the uptime number will be different thus your code will be different.)
5. Then enter the unlock code on the BlackBerry, holding the ALT key for numbers, capitals are not necissary.
6. This will give you access to the Trace Mode Engineering App
7. Select “Radio Engineering” screen
8. Select “CDMA Engineering” screen
9. Select “Operational Info” (2nd line ec/io, 3rd line rss)
10. Scroll down to “Neighbor Set Details” and get 1st line Active Pilot, 2nd through 20th will give Neighbor sites with ec/io for each.

*This code will only work for 30 days, then you will need to get a new code in the same way.

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