Blackberry As Modem For Mac

I don’t have time to figure this out completely so I’m just gonna post a link. I’ve been wanting to tether my Blackberry to my Mac (or is it the Mac to the Blackberry?) to access the net but I can’t seem to get a straight answer. According to a pro on the Sprint forums you need your NAI? The phone is company owned so I don’t know how to get this info. But I’d sure like to try. Once again, shamelessly inlining:

To use a Mac with Phone As Modem support, you will need specific information to use the handset as a modem device. Among this criteria is the number to connect to the Sprint Network, and a username / password.

Your username (as provided in the Internet Connection settings through OS X) is your NAI. Your NAI is your Sprint email address for your phone. This is typically

You can find your NAI by going through the settings on your handset. The typical menu path on your Sprint handset to get your NAI is:

1. Settings > Phone Info > My Phone Number (View) > User Name — When selecting User Name, you will be given your NAI. It will follow the name pattern above ( where XXX is a number.

2. You will need the Phone number to connect to. To access the Sprint Network, you will use #777 for the phone number on your phone.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have an applicable data plan, you will be charged data usage, so ensure you have an appropriate data plan for your type of use. Also, depending on your market (EVDO, vs Non-EVDO) connections speeds will vary. Instructions for pairing your handset via Bluetooth will be provided in this thread as well. In a situation with a handset like the RAZR2, where a data cable is NOT provided, you can pair wirelessly with your Mac using Bluetooth, eliminating the need for a cable. Bluetooth is standard on all MacBook, Macbook Pro, and the MacBook air laptop. It is also standard on all Intel based Mac Minis and the iMac. The Bluetooth pairing will allow you to not only use the handset as a Phone as modem, but also use iSync to link your Calendars and Contacts with you handset provided you have the appropriate iSync plug-in for your phone.

7 thoughts on “Blackberry As Modem For Mac

  1. I was trying to piece together why this wasn’t working for me at the airport… then it came to me all at once (I tend to forget this every single time)… My POS machine doesn’t have BlueTooth! I have a dongle that sits squarely in my drawer at all times… I always forget to bring it with me. D’oh!

  2. Yeah I finally figured this one out. On MacPro running Tiger+ against a Sprint Blackberry 8830 you:

    Scour the web for the Blackberry 8300 Apple modem script

    unzip and drop the script in a secret location

    purchase exactly one pound of guacamole from a certified Hispanic grocer (don’t question this step, just take it as absolutely mandatory.)

    pair your 8830 to your Mac using the Bluetooth preferences and setting your Mac to discoverable and choosing “Add a Device” from the Blackberry bluetooth options

    donate at least $37.83 but not more than $72.41 to your local charity

    Elect to use your phone as a modem from the Mac’s Bluetooth preferences

    set the access number to,

    leave the user id and password blank

    Navigate the advanced network settings and choose Blackberry 8300 for the model


  3. I have an 8803 and need to connect as a modem to the mac book pro.

    I need a complete step by step plan to complete this task.

    Please help.

  4. LG,

    I’m no expert but I believe that merely downloading the modem script from the blog here:
    or one of the other sites referenced in this search:
    will get you 90% of the way there. You have to copy the script into:
    /Library/Modem Scripts
    Open the Bluetooth preferences page and set your Mac to discoverable. SElect “Set up Bluetooth” from your Blackberry and begin to pair the two. After you pair your Mac with your blackberry you will have the option under the Bluetooth preferences page on your Mac to use your Blackberry as a modem. (Select the gear icon on the bluetooth preferences page after highlighting your paired Blackberry and choose “Configure this Device”.) The trickiest part is configuring the modem settings. You’ll be prompted for a telephone number account name and password. This step is carrier specific. For my Sprint 8830 I use the text “” as the telephone number and leave the account name and password blank. You’ll want to contact your mobile carrier for the details here. Once that much is filled out you only need to go into the advanced options to set the model for the modem script you downloaded. I’m using the 8300 modem script and it works just fine for my 8830. once you have that set you should be able to connect. Like I said, I’m no expert and your mileage may vary. Read some of the tips from the blogs on the above search if you get lost or post back and I’ll try to give more detail.

  5. Hey craig (by the way you are very handsome bit lemme stop cause I got a man 😉

    “Copy the script into /Library/Modem Scripts.” –what does this instruction mean? when i download the script (and btw everytime i download it it gives me folders for blackberry 8100, 8200 and another one I don’t have. I have 8300 but i’ve tried downloading the script for the particular phone a bunch of times and each time it does not show up.

    But I read it does not matter which script you use anyway? So that’s my first issue. when you download the script it saves it to my desktop as “blackberry.ccl2” or whatever corresponding #is next depending on how many times i try and download it. so how do you put it into /library/modem scripts and also when i go to system preferances/network/show ad then the bluetooth modem tab/modem i do not find my blackberry 8300 as an option on drop down box

    please help! no internet at home and microbiology homework is staring me in the face :/

    1. Ok, it looks like you have trouble finding the right script. Try one of these from here:
      Then do the following steps exactly. This page links to a zip file that includes a few for different models. If you download using Safari it should automatically unzip for you into a Blackberry.ccl folder. go into this folder and copy all of the files from the Resources folder under Contents into the “/Library/Modem Scripts” folder. Then after you’ve done that launch preferences click on Networking and clickj the plus sign in the left pane to add a new network connection. Select Bluetooth for the interface, click the Advanced button then choose other for the vendor drop down. You should then see choices for Blackberry under the model drop down.

      I think you’re missing out on the part where you’re supposed to select “other” for vendor. I also believe that you need to copy the files out of the Blackberry.ccl2 folder and not the entire folder.

  6. I gotta stop being so doggone technical on this site because other non-technical people are starting to pay attention. My gibberish, “Copy the script into /Library/Modem Scripts.” means that after you download the file you have to copy or move it into the correct place. Copy is done easiest by hitting the Apple key and C after clicking on or selecting the doanloaded file. You can then open a Finder window by clicking your desktop and hitting the apple key and N for “New” Finder window. Ue the Finder window to find the right location for the downloaded file. Hit the Apple key and the shift key and the G key to “Go to a location”. You can then type the path “/Library/Modem Scripts” into the “Go to the folder” prompt and hit enter. By now you should be staring at the right folder location for your downloaded “script”. Paste the downloaded file here (assuming you’ve copied it earlier with Apple+C) by hitting Apple key + V. Now I’ll read the second half of your message…

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