Blackberry Rapc gotcha

Once again I bring you a tip from the depths of you won’t find this nowhere on the internet. I tell you, to figure this stuff out you gotta trial and error to you bleed or sleep with somebody that knows somebody from RIM. So you’re running the rapc compiler right? (For those of you that don’t understand the lingo rapc is a program that creates Blackberry installable software from Java program files. You only have to be taller than this bar to use the tool.) You run the compiler and now you wanna know where’s all the extra RIM attributes in your jad file. I mean, they were just there a minute ago and now… no matter what you do, you can’t get them back! That’s what happened to me this morning. I was like, “I’m missing RIM attributes in my jad, SignatureTool.jar dropped the ball man!” But it wasn’t SignatureTool that was responsible. It was rapc!

Here’s the secret: you can’t run the compiler in the same folder as a jar with the same name as your midlet (the name you use with the -midletname flag). In short, rapc won’t overwrite an existing Jar. This and many other Blackberry compiling goodness will be made available as I work on improving the Blackberry build experience. That’s all for now keep yer browser locked…

5 thoughts on “Blackberry Rapc gotcha

  1. Thanks a LOT this is exactly what I needed.

    BTW just to be clear this

    java -jar rapc.jar import=net_rim_api.jar codename=project -midlet jad=project.jad project.jar

    java -jar rapc.jar import=net_rim_api.jar codename=project -midlet jad=tmp/project.jad tmp/project.jar

  2. small bite of information RIM omits
    i have another challenge. HOW do i pass on parameters to the jar file i want to process with rapc ?
    so far no success. it HAS TO HAVE parameters that make it work when i call up the jar itself under java, such as main class and size of applet window 😦

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