The dark secrets of blogging

Wanna blog? Sounds easy enough, right? The software today makes it dirt simple. Setup an account, click the “write new post button” fill in the empty rectangle partway down the screen with your dumb thoughts that only you and your dog, Fluffy, really care about (…and Fluffy only cares because without giving you that “I give a care” look that only Fluffy has, Fluffy stands the chance of missing out on a meal or so he thinks because how is he to know you love him and will feed him unconditionally even if he doesn’t stick around when you rehearse your dumb blog ideas… and by the way is Fluffy really a “he”? You never did figure that one out after taking “him?” in several weeks ago and judging by the way “he” looks at the neighbor’s obviously masculine dog “Butch” you probably should take “him?” to the vet to be sure…) then hit the “Publish” button. Real easy stuff right? Even my grandma can do it! (I dunno why everyone always picks on Grandma when it comes to computing just of the ol’ stereotype that says older people can’t keep up with the times? Well let me tell you my grandma can code circles around a lot of you! She’s more coherent and clever than most of the people I’ve worked with! Good for Granny! You go girl! You say that kinda invalidates my earlier point? Who are you to point out validation mistakes?? The compiler???!!!) Yes, blogging is simple… until you get the post that just won’t get off of the top of the screen!

Most people stay away from options and check-boxes they don’t understand. Then these same most people will occasionally make a finger fumble or inadvertent mouse click in the wrong section of the screen and… that’s when the fun begins! The dark secrets of blogging! Wanna find out more? Keep your browser or feed reader locked to my RSS!

Disclaimer: This is not a precursor to a new series on my site, rather it’s a teaser to a set of posts I don’t plan to make. I really just wanna know why they put the “Stick post to front page” option so close to the save button.

2 thoughts on “The dark secrets of blogging

  1. Yeah I just heard from my buddy over lunch! Yay! Now we can all have nice boring online discussions on all things UIKit related without fear of being assaulted by a pack of henchmen girded with shields embossed with pictures of partially eaten fruit lead by a guy in a tight black shirt and jeans…

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