Broken screen resolutions in Mepis 7

It’s been a while since I’ve been entrenched in Linux. I used to know this stuff like I know karate. (I took all of two months of Taekwondo which were Tuesday and Thursday evening courses back in the 6th grade.) There was a time I could dcopfrom KMenu through Amarok and generate Growl-like messages when new apps were installed. Now it feels like a struggle. Today I figured out how to fix my screen resolution in my recent Mepis 7 install. There’s a page on the wiki I used as a guide. For whatever the reason my resolution was too low in Twin View mode after installing the NVidia driver (2048×768 combined resolution) leading to some huge fonts that I couldn’t understand and other oddities. The fix was as simple as adjusting the MetaModes in my xorg.conf file. The meta modes is what seems to control the available resolutions in the twin view display settings. Also, if you’re gamma-configuring inclined you may wish to apt-get install the nvidia-settings program to fine tune things like Open-GL and other egg head parameters that I’ll only learn about two years from now when I’m stuck on the toilet looking for reading material and decide to pull out the mobile and do some web browsing finally noticing only few sites look good on the 8830 Wikipedia being one and JoelOnSoftware the other.