My Empire For a Good VNC Client!

I’m looking for a good VNC client, not just any old thing that’ll let you look at another computer remotely, a good, solid, knock’em dead, VNC client. Something that is not only as fast as JollysFastVNC but has the scaling controls of krdc, works cross platform, and handles keymappings as well as Windows Remote Desktop. I don’t want my hot keys intercepted by the host… something like sending all keys to the client, at least in full-screen mode along with a full screen that’ll work on dual displays is what I want. Hot keys are important as I frequently Alt+Tab in Windows/Linux and Command+Tab in OSX. While you’re at it can you find a customizable VNC server for OSX? I’d like to be able to set custom dimensions so that my Mac’s screen can fit correctly on one or two of my dual screens. Thank you Santa!


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