XSLT and XML Namespaces

I wanted to transform some XML. It was the same kinda XML I had been dealing with back in February and hardly nothing had changed. However my unit test came up red because somewhere, somehow, someone introduced a namespace. XML is all gravy when it’s simple. You know, plain ol’ tags with no complexity. Now some high-speed individual wants to go and add a namespace to the document just to be certain that tags such as wil be protected from possible collision. Let me ask you something. Have you ever done something for the sake of picking up a new idea or language then looked back on the atrocties you’ve committed to those who follow your code? Have you ever fixed a train wreck before it landed in some other developer’s lap? Don’t you wish everyone thought about the next guy?

Code is for people
Let me repeat that so I’m clear. Code is for people. I don’t care how clever you are there are limits to when and where you wanna break out the ol’ golden hammer, or for the sake of improving on an old cliche, the ol’ Tuesday khaki pants and checkered shirt outfit. Who cares if you know how to validate a schema in 12 different programming languages? Sometimes well-formedness is all that counts!!! Pardon my exclamations, but I get upset when somebody introduces something merely on the principle of “look what I can do”. There outght to be some judgement that occrs prior to downloading DOM4J, or XPath, or whatever the flavour de’jour is for the current month. If you like the way I flow, hit me on the low… so that I know…

(I was gonna stick a tip in here somewhere on how to deal with namespaces as you xform your documents but anger got the best of me. If you’re interested drop a line and I’ll post a followup with the juice.)

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