If you don’t know, now you know

While ingesting text written by John I-Didn’t-know-you-had-a-cool-blog Flinchbaugh I choked on some good ideas. It’s typical that I’ll be back-slapped by a site which is kinda interesting and spend a good hour or two treating the hypertext like that home made stuffing that the wife cooks in November. You know how you try to cram as much down the ol’ food pipe before the sensory receptor thingies in your stomach lining are aware of the assault? That’s how I blow through a weblog skimming over the flow, the choice of font, browsing the categories. It’s common that during the cram, certain not-so-soft things… turkey bones, cloves from the ham, apple stems because you blindly shovel random entrees on your plate without regard for what’s adornment or what’s edible… are consumed during the process. These items deserve special attention but are mixed with the thing you are shoveling into your system with the end result being an abrupt halt in the progress of consumption. (Am I talking turkey or techie? It must be close to Thanksgiving…) You naturally pull out the thing blocking your airway and examine it. Let’s look at this together.

Starting with the layout, when John first showed me his site I was like, wow… that looks like plain text. After I left the office and brought it up again after hours, I got it. It’s brilliant! Mind you, If you’re not a developer and you’re just looking for something to read you might not agree. But c’mon! Javadoc style posts? a comment section that follow Java syntax? I love it! That’s not the bigger piece I choked on. Various references to gimp only made it part way into the air pipe triggering the gag reflex. I just started trying to use Gimp even though my graphics tool of choice remains Xara. I’m looking at gimp because it’s cross platform. I’m now in a position where I constantly switch between Linux, OSX, and WinXP and depending on the time of day or flavor of the cheddar I may find the need to edit an image. I don’t wanna haff to think about my OS, which features are available, or launch a VM to get the job done. (On Mac I normally launch Parallels to run Xara, a task that’s now taking much longer than it takes to perform the actual edit.)

John mentions making an NFS mountable. I’d been having trouble mounting my Linux box from my Mac using MacFusion maybe I should look at mounting differently? Using a different protocol? (Can Mac easily mount an NFS share?) As much as I dabble in Linux, NFS is one of those things I never dealt with. I always used either Samba or SSH.

Lot’s of other gems on hjsoft.com. Too bad I hadn’t known about it sooner. I guess I never thought to click the link in your comments.

Objective C, Almost closures?

I’m about toe deep in ObjC and Cocoa and I’m starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling everytime I message and object without needing a type cast. I get really warm/fuzzy when I use @selector() to throw extra executable logic from a long running process back onto the main thread. Now I’m thinking about the @selector idea and wondering how close it is to closures. I’d like to be able to define a method on an interface… *ahem* …protocol that takes a selector as a form of callback. Though Cocoa makes extensive use of delegates I don’t want to haff to set a delegate instance variable and define another protocol for something as simple as an inlined callback operation. In other words I wanna say: “Mr. Object, do dis stuff when your data becomes available.” Back into the manuals to learn about @selectors.