It’s about time!!!

I restarted Idea on my Mac after several weeks of having an old project loaded and to my surprise version 8 final was reportedly released! I’d been running 8.0M1 for a while and was wondering when it would happen. Browsing the JetBrains site led me promptly to the download section where I found the promised collection of random 1s and 0s comprising the dmg file that only OSX understands. I took a minute to browse the TeamCity section because the advertisement around it looks so tempting. I almost downloaded a free trial but resisted after toying with the live demo. I must admit that I’d grown sooo comfortable with Hudson lately that everything else is a bore.

Anywayz, after my download completed I unwrapped the dmg and was pleasantly rewarded with the new splash screen. Since I was already trying to start a new project prior to downloading the update, my mouse already knew where to navigate. I crossed my fingers as I clicked “Create a new project”, followed the prompts to what I was really hoping to eventually see. Rejoice! They’ve finally added create project from Maven archetype! It’s the little things that matter and lo, how I long waited for this one common-sense feature. I tried the earlier plugins (released during the plugin contest) that promised this same functionality. I could never get satisfactory results with any of them and always had to drop down to the command line. If you’re an Idea lover like myself head out to JetBrains and grab a fresh copy of V8.0. I’m sure there’s more beyond the slick splash and new create Maven project support.

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