Can I get a wuh, wuh?

I’ve been busy… very busy trying to save my life from people that want money… lots of money. So much money that my checkbook grabs a deposit slip and uses it to cover itself and my wallet. So busy that I couldn’t even think of posting anything worthwhile. But I can’t, you hear me, can not pass up on linking to this here. I told y’all a while ago to check out Astrid cause she gotz John Blaze stuff. Just cause you not rekognizin’ I’m gonna bring it to ya here. Seriously, I always find something entertaining when I bring up the page.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Can I get a wuh, wuh?

  1. I give thanks for the cinematographer that fits neatly in your pocket yet fills the internets with such things like wuh-wuh-wuh, jump roping cell towers, and other entertaining posts…

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