When we used to play with power

Remember the glove? Tectites??? Tectites!!! E-Honda and King Hippo? Wouble Wibble? Yes, Konami had some of the best games! Next to Capcom that is… Nobody beats the Mega-Man series! Truly the best series in all gaming history! The only thing this line up misses is Rob the robot. Was I the only one who’s parents could/wouldn’t afford the spinning gyro wonder? Why was there always at least one kid that had the entire works from the robot to the glove to the power pad? And what’s with Atari? Balance your budget with the joystick touching a single button…

3 thoughts on “When we used to play with power

  1. Aw, looks like Jamie beat me to the Comments punch (mainly since I’ve been out of the bloggoverse for a while now, and have only just now been able to make a brief visit). Anyway, this totally made my weekend — and I have loved that dancing Japanese Zelda thingie for a while now, it was great to see it again!

  2. Anybody remember the code to Tyson on punch out? I still remember the first time I beat that game, bragging to my friends how quick I was with the uppercut-dodge-counter punch… cuz you know you got to do that for the first round and all…

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