iChat vs. Adium?

So I’d been using Trillian, then Gaim (now Pidgin) then Kopete then Adium. Now I’m stuck on iChat. I can’t even remember why I started using Adium on my Mac. Probably peer pressure from the guy that taught me everything I still don’t know about OS X. (No not you, Apple Hat, I knew a Mac zealot before you, the same guy that got me hooked on Linux.) iChat is a really good app as is the majority of OSX built ins. You can not only do A/V chats but you can share documents,and do remote screen sharing. It’s proven a priceless tool on the geographically disparate team I’m assigned to. I’ve heard you can record iChat calls which is something I have yet to toy with. Now I’m seriously wondering which advantages Adium has over iChat. Really, I switched for a reason, only I’m too lazy to figure out. maybe you could remind me? I’ll start the comparison. Adium has more granular control over the event system. Leopard seems to have removed some of the controls in iChat. What else?

2 thoughts on “iChat vs. Adium?

  1. The one thing that Adium has that still makes it indispensable is that it can handle multiple chat protocols and multiple chat accounts. iChat does Mobile Me, AIM, Jabber and Google Talk. Adium has all those plus many more, including Facebook.

    Also, Adium has much better sound and visual themes, and these are much more customizable than iChat. Adium follows the open-source methodology of giving the user control of everything, even to the point that it’s confusing. iChat is the typical Apple application: Assume what’s best and make it hard to change.

    Since I don’t really have a use for the screen sharing or video chat, I stick with Adium so that I have my multiple accounts in a pretty interface with nice sounds. If I need it, though, I’m able to fire up iChat.

    Plus the duck icons are cute.

    (In the process of researching this comment I found, suprisingly, that my official AOL IM account is still active. Go figure.)

  2. That was it. The multiple chat protocol support made me switch. Since I no longer get pinged on MSN it’s become a non-issue. Yes, Adium is much more flexible indeed. If they can just add video support and desktop sharing to Adium I’d probably scrap iChat all together.

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