iPhony Frameworks

So I’m writin’ all kinds of Objective-C code, right? And I’m finally in my element because I got Google Tools For Mac doin’ the SenTest thing, right? I even figured out how to include modules using project relative paths. That’s when my trouble started. Y’see, I thought frameworks were no different than modules. Of course they’re different or else they wouldn’t be called frameworks! Still, I blurred the line between the two. So then I’m writing all these gnarly tests using OCMock. Remember OCMock? I complained on the forums about adding it to an iPhone project. then I finally found a hack to get it to run in my iPhone tests. Then the whole module thing started to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside so I thought I had a better approach. At any rate, I tried the same approach with Hamcrest, a tool advertised on the OCMock home page. I couldn’t get it to work. Finally, it dawned on me! You can’t add frameworks to iPhone projects! [Honestly it didn’t dawn on me, I had to be told then re-told by someone who knows waaay more about iPhone stuff than me.]

The point is that Frameworks in XCode iPhone projects don’t work like modules. With a module, you can just drag/drop the module file into your project, set its dependencies in your target, build and then you’re off and running. Frameworks are different. Frameworks have to exist (to the best of my knowledge and until someone who knows stuff tells me some new stuff) under /Library/Frameworks in order for SenTest test cases to use them. Frameworks can not be used at all during run time in an iPhone project. I don’t even think they’ll run in the Simulator which means no debugging unit test code, which means you better write some very fine grained unit tests which turns out to be necessary anyhow. That’s the point. You can’t run Framework code in an iPhone project but you can run it in a GTMSenTestCase as part of the build (not build/go process). If anybody knows better speak up now or I’ll forever hold out the peace sign.

2 thoughts on “iPhony Frameworks

  1. Youre linking the Frameworks in by selecting “Add Framework…” right?

    I guess it goes without saying that you have to have the source for the Frameworks and build them for Aspen, or otherwise, if you only have the binary, it’d better be fat and have an iPhone binary.

    You should be able add frameworks to an iPhone, but it’s gotta be executable on the iPhone to run on the iPhone or in the sim; the SenTests work becuz they’re getting compiled and run on i686, which the SenTest binary postiviely is compiled for (or Rosetta-ing for).

  2. I finally figured this one out. Following a comment from Chris Hanson somewhere on the net the problem stems from not having the framework files available in the same folder (products directory) as your executable. The solution is to add a Copy files step to your target and set its Destination to “Products Directory”. Then drag/drop the frameworks into this step on our target. Voila! Problem solved!

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