How To Disassemble your Blackberry

In response to a response to my white screen of death post I give you detailed visual directions on how to properly void your warranty, or if you have a company issued device like I do, how to assure nobody in your company ever trusts you next to the coffee maker much less with $300+ devices. That said, proceed at your own risk/discretion/arrogance/ignorance:

You might want to put this one back together afterwards:

And for those of you who need to disassemble your iPhone

6 thoughts on “How To Disassemble your Blackberry

  1. I faint at the sight of phone guts, though I am all-too-familiar with my 8830’s trackball housing. I think that “case opener” is just an orange peeler tool – available at your neighborhood Safeway.

  2. I thought that “case opener” looked familiar. Asile 7 at Giant, I believe. What’s more important, I can’t wait to try out the iPhone tutorial. As soon as the dishwasher finishes! (I was making martinis earlier.)

    1. Grasp the 8100 firmly with the left hand palm with fingers wrapped around the screen and the thumb along the side panel. With the side window rolled down extend the device outward maintaining a 90 degree angle with the ground while holding the side button for three seconds. After three seconds are expired release your grip entirely extending all fingers. The device should automatically disassemble. (Works best in a vehicle traveling at a minimum of 50 mph.)

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