iPhone Boot Camp

Platoon… Attention! Forward… March! About… Face! Platoon… Halt! Parade Rest!… At ease…

Many moons ago I attended boot camp and that’s kinda the jest of it. Sure there were some rifles fired here and some push ups done there. I believe there was even a drill sergeant or two but the above was the general format. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re probably here because you’re wondering how to fix that EmptyStackException in your XML transform. Or maybe you’re trying to run Blackberry compilers on your MacPro and you keep getting verification errors. Or maybe you just Googled my name and landed here by chance. Whatever the catalyst the net result will be pure edutainment. (Yes edutainment is a “Can’t See Nothing But the Source” exclusive! Remember where you heard it first!) If you are not completely edutained then you’ll probably feel edu-pain.

Back to Boot Camp. That’s where I was privileged to be this past week. Not the original left-right-left boot camp, but a different kind. This boot camp was lead by none other than Aaron Hillegass. He wasn’t as loud as my former Drill sergeant’s Morris, Decker, and Perez (BTW, they would just love to hear me address them without their demanded “Drill Sergeant” prefix), but he did give a lot of quality info on all things Mac and iPhone development related. Tag teaming with Jaun Pablo, Aaron gave a five day hands on shop which involved responding to touch events, in depth networking, iPhone multi-media and more. The second half of the course was all about software development for the Mac desktop. We learned how to build installers, how to auto upgrade via app-casts, how to build quick look and spotlight plugins, and how to overlay Quartz graphics on an Open GL context. Then there was my favorite topic, unit testing. I found out that Apple released support for iPhone unit testing behind my back with their 2.2 SDK release. I’d love to write more about the topic but I have a lot of catching up to do. Shotz out to Aaron and Juan Pablo! Drop a line on whatever and we’ll speak on it.

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