Lookout! Your search can be improved

I happen to be unfortunate enough to still run Outlook 2003. I still have to run some flavor of a Windows desktop and some variety to beable to read office email and respond accordingly to calendar invites. (I tried Apple’s Mail.app and Thunderbird, and KDE/Kontact and none of them work completely with LDAP and Calendar.) I remembered an old post from Joel some time ago regarding the Lookout plugin for Outlook which is based on Lucene. For those that don’t know, Lucene happens to be one of the more popular/powerful open source search engines available. I went off looking for Lookout and found it here. For those of you lucky enough to run the newer Outlook 2007 you won’t be able to just double click the download when it finishes. Joel refers to instructions on setting it up on this newer version which you might still be able to find here. My index is 50% finished so by the time I submit I should be able to locate that buried email that sent me off on a tangent.

2 thoughts on “Lookout! Your search can be improved

  1. hi,
    i think a big problem is, that lookout was not developed since a few years up to now.

    i tried to get it running on my outlook 2007, but after installing outlook crashed every few minutes, so that i could not index my pst file.

    actually i´m trying Lookeen, it very similar to lookout, but it is still developed and up to now i am very happy with it. it even seems to be faster than lookout and it does not crash 🙂


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