Free the code!

You got a lot of code that you’ve written. You’re probably feeling good about your progress. you’re just about ready to ship barring a few last minute bug fixes. You got some really tight (read nice) looking algorithms in there! Can I borrow some for my project? I’m doing something very similar except for where you do X I do Y. Also where you load from here I read from there. I would really benefit from your work. After you hand me the copy of your source you begin with one of those “alls yuh haff to do is” descriptions and while my eyes cross I nod a few times with the typical I-think-I-get-it uh-huhs and run off to reuse your application logic.

There’s a few things wrong here. First off I’m not re-using anything, I’ve just forked your project. That is, I’m off making source code changes to get my whatcha-ma-jiggy to do such and such where your thing-a-muh-bob does so and so. Two very similar projects with different source bases. I’ll find/fix bugs here while you make enhancements there. Even if I’m not needing/using your entire application I’m loading modifying upwards of 90% of it because of hard-bindings. The one piece I need calls into another piece of code that links in eventually the rest of the project indirectly. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you. Take the last feature you’ve written and run it completely outside of your project. Don’t see any value in running the last feature you worked on independently? Then why did you waste your time writing the feature in the first place? It’s of no value! Do you think you can live up to the challenge? Use the square box below to report your progress and/or problems.

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