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I’ve been absent for a while working really hard at producing a stellar product and getting nowhere. Recently, very recently I dug up some old code I wrote about 1-2 years ago and started playing around with it. (It’s amazing how long a problem/solution can sit in your “to do” bucket, isn’t it?) I’m not going to talk about where I’m going with it but if things go the way I want then I’ll be posting some really interesting stuff, really soon. Hi, I’m Cliff and you’re probably wondering why I’m breaking the overall structure of this paragraph with a dumb introduction to myself. I usually run fast-forward with my thoughts without realizing that people don’t have the beginning context of what I’m yammering about so you can expect to see much more incoherent writing on my site. If you’re new here just hang tight and keep reading… it will all eventually make sense and you will have been enlightened. If you’re a repeat visitor then I say, “Welcome back!” and “Wassup???!!!” I know I’ve been lunching for a month or three but it was completely necessary.

Back to business. I was talking about something that I can’t talk about but I kept talking because I have to tell somebody. It’s a new old thing that has been revisited many times over and nobody seems to feel enthusiastic about it any longer.It’s so old that it hasn’t been documented since the early 00’s. It’s so new that it hasn’t been successfully done by a full time developer working in his spare time when he’s supposed to be washing the laundry and scraping that mildew off of the bathroom wall. It probably won’t work well if at all and even if it does run it will perform almost as fast as Heinz ketchup spilled from the top story in a high rise chasing some dummy running down 57 flights of steps with hamburger in tow to catch the drippings at ground zero. (As if he didn’t have time to stop and tie his laces and then call his buddy on the cell to bring the video camera and film the dramatic catch.) What I’m talking about is top secret but it’s getting back to what I do best, code for fun. I haven’t done that in a while. It makes me sick. Lately I’ve been coding for deadlines, coding for management, coding for performance that I can’t trace, and coding for my buddy who is trying to run the internet on what appears to be a 900Mhz Compaq with 64-128MB of RAM and Windows 98. (How come nobody told me the internet no longer runs on these dinosaurs?) This has been a crude attempt to add life to my dying weblog and to remind loyal visitors that I can still pop-lock with the best of them. I gotta get back to what I wasn’t doing 15 minutes ago. Until later, holla at’cha dog!

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