Funky Foul Nefarious Evil Problematic Situation…

You’re diving into a project full of code you haven’t written. There is no documentation, there are no tests. It is full of log statements. You’re tasked to track down a memory leak which appears to originate from an image processing routine. Images are allocated without a trace of deallocation but the routine is so delicate the any minor source change requires a full regression test. Your deadline is in mere minutes. The final build needs to be cut by end of day, your product manager has already announced the merits of hard work put in by you and your team but without this last second fix the product will not pass quality assurance. After skipping your morning and afternoon coffee to make meetings a pounding sensation ensues deep in the front of your skull while radiating towards the back and down your spine. What you have is a funky foul nefarious evil problematic situation…

Big up to Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. If you listen to the Ed Lover morning show on 105.1 then you know where I’m at. Everyone else… y’all don’t hear me though.

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