KMID- KDE MIDI playback on Mepis/Debian

I had a moment of inspiration last night thinking about driving games and this afternoon during lunch I decided to try to find the MIDIs for Rad Racer. This was one of my favorite Nintendo games. (I honestly think music can make/break a driving title. For eg. Sega’s Outrun was not as much fun because I hated the music.) At any rate I downloaded the file and went in Konqueror to open it. Konqueror knew nothing about MIDIs except that they sounded like an electronic keyboard so it labels the file with a cute keyboard icon prior to asking me which program should open the file. I’m like, “why are you asking me? I don’t feel like searching my applications for a MIDI app!” So I posted on MepisLovers in frustration prior to asking Google. Google led me to KMID which lead me to more frustration. Instead of posting another frustrated response to my thread I did more research. (I hate researching Linux stuff now because I feel like I should know it but just can’t remember so now I just get lazy and either give up or post on MepisLovers cause the people there are so responsive.) I was frustrated because the KMid Konqueror plugin complained about multi-part MIDI format and also because the KMid app only pretended to play the song. There were flashing lights and all but no sound.

Because I’ve dealt with the no sound on Linux issue so many times I was about to pull my skull apart. I exercised a little more patience and Googled for the answer which I’ll describe in short here. If you get no sound from KMid it’s because you need a MIDI synthesizer which does not come pre-installed in Mepis. The proper way to play a MIDI in Mepis and Debian based distros is to “apt-get install kmid timidity”. Then edit (as root) the /etc/default/timidity file and set “TIM_ALSASEQ=true” by removing the preceding hash or pound sign “#”. The apt-get installer will tell you to do this after it completes but most people will overlook this step. It should say something like:
Setting up timidity (2.13.2-20) ...
* Starting timidity * not yet configured * Enable Alsa Sequencer first by editing /etc/default/timidity [ OK ]
Processing triggers for menu ...

Finally restart timidity using:
/etc/init.d/timidity stop; /etc/init.d/timidity start
and set the output in KMid settings to use a timidity port. It looks like a bunch of steps but can be reduced to a couple of command line calls that should be packaged as a .deb file to be run as part of the KMid install process.

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