OSGi For Fun?

Given that you use servlet containers for building Web applications and EJB containers for building transactional applications, you may be wondering why you need yet another type of container. The short answer is that OSGi containers are intended specifically for developing complex Java applications that you want to break up into modules.

I’m not cracking on anybody but hear this. It’s my first introduction to a new technical concept, OSGi. Taken alone, OSGi is just a random assembly of a subset of the alphabet. Like many of you, I’ve sweated through EJB, become slick with Servlets, and sweetened up to the Springframework. The last thing I need/want/desire/dream/look for is a container. The nothing scares me more than the need for complexity in Java, other than the thought of a horde of miller bugs tap dancing across my forehead in the middle of the night. (Actually, I take that back. I could live with a night time tap-dancing surprise as I eventually attend counseling to erase the terrifying memories.) I’m still thinking (praying) OSGi could be a lot of fun. Check back for updates as I try to catch up on this and other things I forgot to learn in Kindergarten…

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