Don’t listen to me! XCode and SVN 1.5

A little while ago I posted a great idea involving hacking your prestine XCode install so’s you could take advantage of SVN 1.5 without shelling out dollars for extra tools. As it turns out I had my manager shell out dollars for extra tools. If you visit my site enough you’ll notice a pattern in where I profess to know something that I just read from someone else’s blog minutes ago, thus bolstering my ego, adding cool-points to my imaginative reputation, and thrusting myself on a pedestal slightly less than double the elevation yours. You’ll also notice that most of what I say here should be taken with a grain of salt (and two, that’s exactly two, packets of Splenda). Lengthy story decapitated, my tip for SVN/XCode, while truly functional, would create problems in any existing web-share you have configured for your Mac. (Web Sharing is the little apache daemon that is controlled by the check-box in the “Sharing” preference pane which is invoked by calling up Spotlight, typing share and mashing the enter key.) If you followed my instructions step by step then you can recover by spinning the record back. That means follow my directions in reverse order. Merely dump all of your svn-bkup files back into /usr/lib/ and be done with it.

Recently Apple released iPhone SDK 3.0 beta and with it XCode version 3.1.x. (The SDK may just as well be XCode though I believe it’s available/usable outside of XCode if your hard core enough and your middle name happens to be Gnu. Also I can’t remember the digit for ‘x’ so shoot me!) In the release notes… you know those little things that tag along with new software? Yes I read the release notes because they tell you what’s bundled in the release. Anyhow, in the release notes they announce that XCode now supports SVN 1.5! Yay 1.5!!! I was just about to try to upgrade to Svn 1.6 by the by. So I roll back my earlier 1.5 hack because I wanna finally be able to use web sharing and viola! I no longer can use SVN from XCode! Maybe I should try running the installer again. Maybe I should just stop hacking my internals…

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