Steve will come back at the release date of the new software version for iphone 3G

This has been confirmed by an unidentifiable but highly reliable source who commented here. (How do we know the source is reliable? We’ve confirmed that by not revealing his identity.) While we all “looked forward” to the return of Steve Jobs we now have the guarantee of his return to Apple. Look for stock prices to jump by close of business tomorrow when an undisclosed press release scheduled for select members of the media is said (By whom? The unidentifiable source! That’s whom!) to announce the return of the black shirt wearing mogul to the Apple empire. Also revealed by our insider, Apple decided to delay the release of iPhone 3G Os until absolute time period that coincides with the time slot of Steve’s official return to Apple. Remember where you heard it first! This breaking story along with others has been brought to you in part by:

Juxtaposition: With just as many letters juxtaposed you get a tax deposition or something close in spelling. No doubt Juxtaposition is responsible for the confirmation of many rumors floating around the internets.

HBCU: While not directly responsible/knowledgeable of any content posted here, makes it easy to connect with friends, create, share and discuss your status, share your photos, and help the development of future Historical Black Colleges and University (HBCU) students all while putting an emphasis on getting the word out about campus happenings. Its this very ease of connectivity that results in the majority of our internet communications.

J2MEPolish: For getting those tough hard to reach stains out of the crevices or your mobile phone try J2ME polish. It removes more stuck-on dirt than the leading polish.

TechKnow: GI Joe said, “Knowing is half the battle”. The other half is knowing which half you’ve won. If you don’t know, now you know… y’know? If not, drop by TechKnow and tell’em I sent you.

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