That’s what’s happening

Lots of stuff missing my radar. First off, AOL/MapQuest is getting with it. If you don’t know where it’s at now you know. you’d think I’d have something to do with it but I don’t. We’re doing all kinds of live stuff lately. Most important is the dropping of MapQuest 4 Mobile on the iPhone. This project, code named Ice internally, was my first attempt at iPhone hackery. It became the #1 navigation app on its release date yesterday. A small team of us at MapQuest hooked up with a larger team in AOL and the end result is something I’m proud to have played a part in. If that’s not John Blazed enough for you then there’s the bit on Maxwell. One of my favorite artists is making his comeback and y’all gotta show him some love. All this and more comin at’cha from AOL. I wish I could ramble more but there’s some particularly difficult stuff I gotta get back to.

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