We will miss MJ

God rest his soul, Michael Jackson moved on yesterday. I don’t normally post about pop artists but this is Michael Jackson, plus I got Gospel classics playing on Pandora (Carlton Pearson – He Lives) and it kinda sets the tone for more serious writing. It goes without saying the Michael was a pop icon and possibly the most recognized and talked about person on the planet. We all have our favorite songs and most of them are likely from one of his first couple of solo albums. You know where you were when you first tried to do the moonwalk. You know how you felt when your buddies lied and told you how you were gliding. “Are my feet right? Was that the move?” Don’t act like it was just me! How many of you kicked somebody else in the face trying his signature leg lift? And I’m not the only one that almost got a nose bleed trying to find the last “authentic” copy of his “Beat It” jacket (with all the zippers) from the swap-shop. Forget the tabloid nonsense that everyone brings up. We know he had problems but who of us doesn’t have any secrets? What if somebody came up in the back of your closet with the 300 watt flashlight shining all on yo’ underwear stains? Let the man have his legacy, stop bringing up the dark stuff. Michael was a legend that changed the way we all danced… sang… watched TV… talked (Sha’mon! What the heck does sha’mon mean?)… dressed… and wore our hair. (Say what you will but you know you had a curl or some sort of wet look back then!)

2 thoughts on “We will miss MJ

  1. You know what? That’s the funny thing! I was never the huge MJ fan until recently. So no, my kids never got into him. It’s like one of those things you don’t think about until it’s gone. Why is that? Why do we only want our old CDs/LPs when someone takes them away? Why do we only miss our loved ones after the fatal car/plane/train crash?

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