The Moron Test

I’ve killed 2 hours trying to master this moron test thing I found on the App store. It’s the first application I actually purchased. The most challenging part, the part that cost me over 45 minutes, is the little memory test. I had to jot down the sequence. Apologies to the author, but if he/she’s smart there’ll be an update with random tests/sequences. Here’s that killer sequence:

blue button

my best time was 110.6 so far…

6 thoughts on “The Moron Test

  1. Dude, recently found your blog….urgent need to dicuss a project I think you will find interesting. Holla back ASAP

  2. hey notice anything about the list above? It’s ALPHABETIZED! (why that took you 45 minutes I”ll never know…

  3. Well I’ll be baptized in barbwire! I never noticed the alphabetizing! I should have known! The author probably stuck the thing in some sort of ordered Set or something.

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