The Right Way To Find “Yo’ Momma”

MapQuest 4 Mobile released for the iPhone a couple of months ago and we were all celebrating. I don’t talk about it much here nor do I talk much about MapQuest mostly because I want to be sure there is a clear understanding that the views/sourcecode expressed herein are those of my own creation and not necessarily indicative of the views/sourcecode/opinions/concerns of my wonderful employer. It’s best to just avoid in most cases so I change variable/method names and algorithms prior to posting anything. Today is different. Today I was informed that there were 4 searches done, via our iPhone native app for “ya’ momma”. I don’t have the exact spelling but these were definite inquiries as to the whereabouts of this fascinating lady. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because someone is looking for your momma and I will attempt to educate you and all others on the proper way to construct a search query to track down a missing matriarch.

So you’re hanging with your friends at the mall after ya’ moms drops you off. (Yes, you’re somewhere between the ages of 12 and 14, just play along so the story makes sense ok?) Later on you wanna get home so you can catch Heroes on NBC. Or maybe you wanna get home early and rest up for the football game you’re going to play tomorrow. Whatever the case you call moms and you’re like, “I’m ready to go home. Come get me!” Your mother’s all like, “I stopped by the new Amy’s Flower shop on the other side of town so I’m going to be a while. You determine that this is unacceptable and you want to use MapQuest 4 Mobile on your iPhone to find this odd new location.

Understandably mom’s is on your mind so the natural response would be to enter the literal text, “your momma” in the first entry field that you see since this is such an emergency. However, there’s a better and more reliable method. MapQuest 4 Mobile offers a search input field into which you can enter the name (partial or complete) of a business. Next to the search field there is an address field into which you enter the mall address. If you’re in a rush, you can tap the blue button in the top search bar before entering any searches and MapQuest 4 Mobile will use the device’s location tracking capabilities to locate your current address leaving you to only enter the name of the new flower shop. Once the flower shop is located you can tap the label to see details about the location. From here you should have the opportunity to tap the phone number, placing a call to the manager on duty at Amy’s at which point you can ask to speak with your mother. That’s three easy steps to finding your mother. Wanna learn more? Check out these and other tips on my website, “Can’t see nothing but the source code…” I’m tripping.

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