CoverStory on IPhone projects

I really, really, really don’t care about test coverage when I develop because it’s one of those things you get for free when you follow the right practices. I always thought projects like Clover and Cobertura were a waste of time. However I recently started dreaming up an interesting use case for these kind of tools. Help me, if you will, get CoverStory (a test coverage tool for ObjC) up and running so I can prove myself wrong. I’ve followed the [sparse] documentation and steps on the CoverStory home site. There’s a section on including an alternate, fat libgcov.a file that confused me. Not knowing what path to what file or where to set the path I stumbled on a way of satisfying the “no such file for -lgcov” error by dragging/dropping the fat libgcov.a file into my project. Now when I build I get the .gcno files but no .gcna files and Coverstory won’t report coverage. CoverStorySettings